Small Business Site Shame (SBSS).

You are not alone.

January 17, 2015

Many small business owners are no stranger to the following feeling, but may be unaware that it has a name: Site Shame. It’s the secret shame that accompanies:

  1. not having a company website at all

  2. having a website that was built in someone’s basement in the internet’s infancy (when flashing icons and scrolling text were the ultimate)

  3. having a website that was once decent but is now sorely out of date and needs some love

  4. having a website that’s built and is only awaiting content (that will get written someday when you finally have that elusive “free” time)

Is your face burning hot right now because you recognize yourself? Or maybe your shoulders loosened a little bit because you realize that you are not alone. Can we all just agree to meet in the second category?

Small business owners are typically at their limits of energy, time and resources just managing the day-to-day functioning of their business. Many businesses are in their infancy, and their limited time and resources must be stretched as thinly as possible until a certain benchmark is made, when new people can be hired, and, wait for it… the owners don’t have to come in to work every weekend anymore.

Mentioning one more thing to them that they should be doing is pure torture, and more so if it’s not directly tied to a day’s to-do list.

But the magic about reaching that benchmark, where things loosen up, when resources are finally available to start a new era of business, there is sufficient time to address anything and everything relevant to the business and sufficient people to do the work and resources to start dominating… is directly related to that “one more thing” that feels excruciating to consider: publishing an effective company website.

I realize that is no news to you. You’ve read it a zillion times, and maybe you’re purposely avoiding seeing it right now! What I’m telling you here, and what many business owners don’t realize, is that so many of you are in the exact same spot. You’re all just too busy for it to have come up in conversation with each other. So let me pull away the curtain, and say it again. Many of you – more than you realize – are in the exact same spot. That is the new news here. We have worked with business owners across unique industry sectors for over a decade now, and you are the rule, not the exception.

Sometimes just knowing you’re not alone is enough to help you move past what’s blocking you.

Now, recognizing that, what is the one small step you can take today to have a published company website? One that fundamentally helps your business succeed and takes some significant burden off your back?

Read about how the slate is being wiped CLEAN for all business owners.

Julie M. Bessette
Creative Director

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