Consumer Demand for Responsive Sites

All small business owners are now in the same boat. For a while.

February 15, 2015

There is a force acting on business owners, and therefore web designers and web developers, that cannot be ignored. It’s been growing since the first release of web browsers on cellphones several years ago. That force is the vastly increasing number of web users who access websites on their mobile devices. These numbers now officially demand our attention.

Survey Monkey and iAcquire partnered to conduct a three-part study on how people use their mobile devices to conduct a search. The results of the study sent ripples, no, waves across industries.

  1. 70% of mobile searches lead to action on websites within one hour.

  2. 40% of people will choose another result if it is not mobile friendly.

  3. 45% of users 18-29 use mobile search daily.

There is a range of responses to these findings; however, our focus is on using the results of this study to lend you some momentum.

In our experience, there are far more business owners that have outdated websites, many seriously outdated, than there are with cutting edge sites that leave no room for improvement. The business owners in the first group have very legitimate reasons for being behind. In the spirit of moving past your “site shame” and creating a site that can effectively increase sales and customer service, consider the following story of Joe and Jill:

  1. Joe has a website for his business that was designed in the nineties. It functions more as an embarrassment than as a sales tool. Joe has been putting it out of his mind for several years now, yet feels a growing daily shame about its condition.

  2. Jill has a website that is gorgeous and full of the latest bells and whistles, but it hasn’t yet been made responsive.

  3. Both Joe and Jill’s websites are NOT responsive to mobile viewing devices. Both Joe and Jill need to work on a solution or they’ll continue to lose mobile users.

  4. Joe and Jill are in the same boat.

If you are a Joe, you can unload all of those years of built up shame and guilt for not upgrading your website. In our experience, there is a sea of Joes out there. Now is your chance. You can glide right into the sweet spot, and no one will be the wiser. Mobile users and their behaviors have wiped the slate clean for everyone.

We might be taking a strange angle on this, but understand our spirit. We want to help business owners move from being stuck, and feeling terrible about it, to taking action and feeling better.

Julie M. Bessette
Creative Director

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