Over the last ten years, our company’s focus has evolved from skillfully designing companies’ applications (products) to helping companies entice customers to interact with those applications (marketing). As more and more companies set out to create digital products, the need for a marketing firm that can both design and develop products and handle those products’ marketing strategies became critical.

Mad Jackal Media is exactly this type of firm. We are as at home creating stunning visuals as we are creating engaging and elegant user experiences. Our collective skill in both realms of design gives us an edge that yields a better client experience and a more effective outcome, all in the same shop.

Our design and production capacity gives our clients a unique advantage. Both translate into saved time, saved resources, and a coordinated design and development experience that answers all the questions asked of it. Clients note a seamless experience as we handle each step of the journey, from the inception of a product idea to its development and marketing.

We Can Help With the Pieces

For every client that needs an idea fully designed, developed and brought to market, there are hundreds more that just need a small (or large) piece of their company’s image reconsidered or addressed. Typical examples include:

Website Makeovers [into Responsive] – taking pre-existing websites and digital marketing materials and recoding them so that they are easily accessible and viewable on all devices.

Custom Websites – designing and developing new websites to meet clients’ needs and the respective level of dynamic requirements (database-driven sites, e-commerce, tracking/device updates, etc.).

Proprietary iOS and Android Applications – outlining, designing and developing client visions for applications in iOS and Android environments, for use in-house and the application marketplace.

Social Presence Consulting/Development/Maintenance – reviewing a company’s current social presence and creating a strategy to meet its goals, and further, developing and maintaining that social presence.

Two-Dimensional Marketing Media – applying company branding and design to layouts for production of the entire range of marketing media: business cards, brochures, catalogs, folders, product labeling, product packaging, posters, banners, post cards, the list goes on and on; additionally, applying custom die cuts, spot gloss and other creative applications to a range of paper and card stock to make truly unique end products.

Three-Dimensional Marketing Media – applying brand identity concepts to materials and structures from design to delivery, ranging from coins and promotional products (shirts, cups, etc., etc.,) to signage.

Website Maintenance – publishing clients’ updates (text, images, all types of content) to their websites on an on-going basis.

Copywriting – writing a range of content for publishing on clients’ websites, press releases, and social media.

Search Engine Optimization – running global analyses of a website’s performance and creating detailed strategies to improve its effectiveness and “findability.”

And Everything Else

If digital production is involved, we do it. And it is only limited by the questions you don’t ask. So please ask! We love to meet new people, learn about new companies and listen to the challenges you see in front of your company. It’s our passion. It’s why we show up every day. Contact us. You’ll be glad that you did.

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